My name ia Courtney Stranger (yes that is my real last name) I'm 23 years old, I am only 4'10" If ya wanna know more about my galaxy, then click the button below that says My Galaxy

Untitled #12 by anchormylove featuring black shoesAmanda Wakeley knit sweater, $490 / Goldsign stretch jeans, $400 / Supra black shoes, $82 / Nordstrom striped oxford / Solid Finnan Beanie, $30
i am so done with boys - every girl when the boy she likes doesn’t realise she likes him (via suicidalstrategy)

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Reasons why I’m single:
•I get a crush on someone out of my league
•I tease them because I don’t know how else to get their attention


At least once..please. on We Heart It

Yes i do 😓💕

We Heart It.
Whenever my crush says my name.



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